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About Us

The Woman Behind CFY



This mother of three wanted to start a business that would get people involved in communal concerns and issues. Carla Anderson became an entrepreneuress and started “Canvassing For You” which have so far employed over 400 people from the community which included Veterans, the elderly, the disabled, college students, high school graduates and others. 

Among participating in other campaigns, “Canvassing For You” has successfully helped to elect Frank Scott, Jr. as Mayor of Little Rock, helped to elect Denise Ennett as 36th District Arkansas State Representative, helped to elect Antwan Phillips as Position 9 At-Large City Director of Little Rock, Arkansas and helped to elect Shanice Johnson as Arkansas’ Pulaski County 10th Division Juvenile Judge.



A firm insistence of excellence by retired Air Force parents with two competitive older brothers, Carla had to hit the floor running from birth. Her sound foundation of Faith along with a strong support system of family and friends allowed her never-give-up attitude to be seen in all that she does. From successfully organizing simple church fundraisers, volunteering countless hours for outreach to coordinating county-wide campaigns to victoriously elect public officers, Carla’s attitude of “do the right things for the right reasons” is a brightly guiding light for her and those who work with her. 



  • Exceptional communication and people skills

  • Over 11 years Human Resources Experience

  • Top-Notch Customer Service Representative (Over 15 years’ experience)

  • Excellent Billing/Collections Representative (Over 7 years’ experience)

  • Raised Over $10,000 Cold Calling in 4 months

  • Extensive training in many computer programs including HRIS Software 

  • Over 7 years job recruiting and hiring experience 

  • Strong understanding of state and federal requirements and regulations

  • Excellent Funds Management, Ordering and Purchase Requisition experience including Grants

  • Proudly served as an Air Traffic Control Specialist


Carla's work experience has helped her to establish a very effective workforce for her business, “Canvassing For You.” Having over eleven years of Human Resources experience, seven of those years as Administrative Supervisor–Arkansas Department of Human Services, allows Carla to supervise and coordinate day-to-day business activities flawlessly.  She knows how to communicate well with her workforce; motivating them to complete assigned task at record time and achieve goals because of her skills as a successful supervisor. Carla possesses extensive knowledge of governmental regulations, policies and procedures which makes her an excellent business owner in the canvassing industry. 


Who We Employ

CFY was created to give jobs to people who are less fortunate, do not have any income, needing extra financial assistance, on retirement, single parents, college students, and more. We offer services to help candidates and businesses get their informational pieces out to their electorate and customers.


Who Hires Us

All types of businesses use our services including night-club owners, real estate agents, authors, teachers, attorneys, and small business owners.

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